Constant Dullaart (NL)
Daniela Dostálková (CZ)
Jana Plodková (CZ)
Jungmyung Lee (KR)
Marek Meduna (CZ)
Nicholas Riis (NO)
Nora Turato (HR)
Rafani (CZ)
Tomáš Celizna (CZ)

Where does an artwork end and begin? Where does an exhibition have its start and its finish? What is the impact of the institutional framework on the origin of an artwork and vice versa?

The subject of Exhibition is the relationship between the artwork and its display. The process of exhibiting assumes the presentation of an artwork to the public and disseminating it using various conventions including specific formats (invitation, gallery opening, preface, labels, catalogue, website, etc). Is this model an inseparable part of the art or is it just a materialization of the ideas which represent it? What does the viewer see and believe?
In an era in which creativity becomes a tendentious necessity, the art world naturally establishes a relationship towards usefulness. It brings new ideas of social forms, it uses or paraphrases business strategies. Here individual artistic capital is projected onto broader social relationships, providing common ground in the search for new ways to contextualize art.

The artworks and their display in Exhibition, the title of which is at the same time the subject, create a world without hierarchy in which reality and fiction, imagination and strategy are increasingly interrelated factors. Here their selection implies the possibility to expand the essence of artistic intention in the context of an exhibition. It concerns the creation of a specific situation where the display in which the artwork is presented becomes a parallel world of its essence and is equally important in introducing its presentational form.

Exhibition was designed in close cooperation with the following artists so that the visitor could be made aware of the individual events – thanks to the borders dissolving between the artwork and its display – and to understand them as a causal chain which exists in time and space.
The Subject of Exhibition tends to be the display of artworks, the exhibition of the exhibition as a work of art.

Linda Dostálková, March 2015