Artists in the Role of Hairdressers

In mid-June the exhibition space of the Office for Art will be transformed for a week into an improvised hair salon – a performative site-specific action under the operational management of the inter-media artist Johana Střížková. Haircutting will take place in collaboration with other visual artists so that customers will have a privileged opportunity to entrust themselves into the hands of art personalities who may not be professional hairdressers, but have many years of experience in cutting hair and will give them a new haircut style on the spot.

Haircutting schedule

14 June, 6pm–9pm, Johana Střížková, Lenka Liberdová and Štěpánka Sigmundová – opening and afterparty: step_by_step
15 June, 2pm–6pm, Matěj Sláma, Johana Střížková
16 June., 2pm–10pm, Marie Hladíková, Matěj Sláma and Johana Střížková + Tom Holič (live set)
17 June, 2pm–6pm, Tereza Havlínková, Johana Střížková
18 June, 2pm–6pm, Lenka Glisníková, Johana Střížková
19 June, 2pm–6pm, Lenka Liberdová, Johana Střížková
20 June, 2pm–6pm, Denisa Fialová, Johana Střížková
21 June, 2pm–6pm, Sára Milesson, Johana Střížková

Alongside Střížková the haircutting service will be offered by: Tereza Havlínková – photographer, Radio Wave moderator, assistant in the Inter-Media Studio at the Prague FAMU, Marie Hladíková – artist and Matěj Sláma – student at Brno’s FAVU. The Ostrava scene will be represented by artists/hairdressers Denisa Fialová, Lenka Liberdová and others. In her work Johana Střížková often creatively uses motifs of the body and its fragments and hair happens to be one of the more frequent ones.

Johana Střížková (1984), between 2005 and 2011 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (in the studios of Miloš Šejn, Veronika Bromová and Jiří Příhoda) and in 2008 at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York. In 2016 she was a finalist of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award. The work of Střížková, which is centred around performance and videoperformance, as well as objects and photography, is a delicate appropriation of the physicality of man, his everyday tasks and the objects he manipulates and which surround him. The artist calls her own pure, minimal aesthetic, which portrays the (un)usual reality as a tender symbiosis of living and inanimate beings. Střížková has exhibited her work mainly in Czech independent galleries and institutions. She lives and works in Prague.

(source: Jindřich Chalupecký Award)

Complementary service

Tom Holič (live set)

On Friday June 16 Tom Holič, a haircutting musician from Brno, will play from 7pm for an audience and to accompany the haircutting by the artists. His improvised collage of the sounds of the trumpet, synthesizer and vocals will fill up the extended opening hours of the hair salon. Music and haircutting until 10pm.

In partnership with The National Moravian-Silesian Theatre